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Convertible sofas are essential in every home, whether for a guest room or a living room to lie down together.

The Belgian brand Zoli99 has thought for small spaces or simply to multiply the sleeping at home.

The convertible sofa has become an essential part of our decoration. A real space-saver, the sofa bed can be used in the living room as well as in a guest room, a studio or a teenager's bedroom. With our selection of convertible sofas, your guests will never want to leave your cosy cocoon;

If you want to buy a sofa quickly, Zoli99 will ship it for free within 24 hours.

Discover our range of quality sofas at the best price with free delivery.

The convertible sofa, or clic clac

Convertible sofas are often known as clic clac. In reality, there is a difference between convertible sofas and clic clacs: the convertible sofa contains a real mattress with a box spring, whereas the clic clac sofa acts as a bed when converted. Thus, for daily use, the convertible sofa is preferable to the clic clac sofa. ZOLI99 offers a wide range of convertible sofas and sofa beds for 2, 3 or even 6 people.

The advantage of Zoli99: you have free delivery everywhere in France and in Belgium

Find the right sofa bed for my home

It's not always easy to choose a sofa bed! To find the right one, ZOLI99, expert in furniture and decoration, advises you to ask yourself about several aspects: the place, the colour and the material. In fact, these three dimensions are essential to find the perfect seat for your interior.

As far as space is concerned, you need to ask yourself how much space you have to accommodate your sofa bed. If you have a large space, you can choose a corner or straight sofa bed. For small rooms, choose a sofa bed. This type of sofa also converts into a bed, but it requires less space when you open it up. Tip: choose a coffee table that is easy to move if you have to open your sofa bed regularly!

Whatever type of sofa you order, convertible or clic clac, enjoy a quality experience. From product to service, ZOLI99 is committed to your satisfaction. With premium delivery, enjoy exclusive advantages, such as the delivery of your sofa bed to the room of your choice.

Colour, material: how to choose the most beautiful sofa bed?

The colour is an essential point to consider. Indeed, not all colours give off the same atmosphere. So choose a sofa bed in a colour that suits you and the atmosphere you want to give to your living space. Note that the colour of your sofa bed will also depend on your lifestyle! For example, a beige sofa bed will be messier than a fir green one.

Finally, the material should also be chosen according to your lifestyle. It appears that parents will tend to prefer a leather or imitation leather sofa bed, which is easier to maintain than a fabric model. Pet owners are also more likely to opt for this type of sofa. The leather sofa bed is more robust and stain resistant. Looking to create a stylish and warm atmosphere? Find a velvet sofa bed. ZOLI99 has a great selection of sofa beds and convertible sofas, find the one you like best.

A convertible armchair ?

With the success of convertible sofas, new seats that can be transformed into an extra bed have appeared: convertible armchairs. Very practical and space-saving, this type of armchair can be transformed into a single bed in a few moves. ZOLI99 offers you several models of convertible armchairs which all have one thing in common: quality and design at a low price.

The convertible armchair makes it possible to sleep quickly, without losing space. It is then possible to optimize the space of a small living room or a studio with a convertible armchair. Student, small budget? Choose a convertible armchair over a sofa bed. This type of seat and bed is less expensive than a sofa bed and fulfils the same function. While it is perfect for student flats, it can also be used in a bedroom or playroom.

The main advantage of the convertible armchair is the space it saves. It is not uncommon for parents to install this type of extra bed in their children's bedrooms. This allows children to invite their friends to sleep over. In addition, the discretion of this type of recliner also appeals to lovers of elegance and pure design.

ZOLI99 convertible armchairs are available in various colours and materials. So you will certainly find the one that fits perfectly with your interior design in our shop. ZOLI99 offers you convertible armchairs in fabric in sober and elegant colours:

1-seater heater, grey;

-beige sofa bed, etc.

Don't hesitate to decorate your convertible armchair with coloured cushions to make it even more comfortable. ZOLI99 offers you a nice selection of cushions in various colours. These will perfect your decoration and bring more charm to your interior.

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