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The rocking chair is a piece of furniture that can enhance your decor. In some cases, the rocking chair can even be indispensable. Also called rocking chair, in reference to its British origins, this type of armchair is often appreciated for its soothing virtues. ZOLI99 offers you a collection of rocking chairs, to rock, relax or take a nap. Discover our selection of rocking chairs and choose the one that suits you best.

The ideal chair as a gift for a pregnant woman, a rocking chair for breastfeeding or just as a decorative object in a child's room.

More than a simple armchair it is a decorative object to fill a corner or to give colour in our living room available in different materials such as velvet, mottled fabric, suede...ect

Which rocking chair should I choose for my home?

More and more people want to integrate a rocking chair into their interior design. Before buying the piece of furniture that makes you dream, you should ask yourself a few questions. In fact, it is not always easy to visualize a new element in your decoration. ZOLI99 gives you its advice on how to find the right rocking chair for you.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a rocking chair

There are a few questions that can help you choose the right rocking chair for you. First of all, the most important thing to ask yourself is how much room you have for your rocking chair. In fact, this type of seating requires enough space for it to fit perfectly into your living space. If you don't have much space but you still want to equip yourself with this kind of chair, ZOLI99 advises you to choose a rocking chair, which takes up less space than an armchair.

To choose the right rocking chair for your home, ask yourself about the design. It's all about choosing a piece of furniture that matches your decor. At ZOLI99, a wide range of rocking chairs and armchairs are waiting for you:

-rocking chair Scandinavian style ;

-design rocking chair ;

-Rocking chair for children.

-Breastfeeding rocking chair, ideal as a gift for pregnant women

-comfortable rocking chairs, ...

In addition, from a more practical point of view, it is advisable to take an interest in the maintenance of your chair or rocking chair. Not all materials require the same maintenance. For example, a suede rocking chair will require a more delicate cleaning than a plastic rocking chair.

Rocking chairs and armchairs: quality at ZOLI99

At ZOLI99, quality is not an issue. We only offer rocking chairs that are not only robust but also comfortable. ZOLI99 is a Belgian brand that has retained a European dimension. All stocks are managed from Europe, which allows a fluidity and an ease of management, thus ensuring you a certain quality. Quality is not only verified by our products, but also by the service we offer you.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible experience and the most beautiful products. Buy your rocking chair with peace of mind and enjoy fast, hassle-free delivery. Choose the type of delivery you prefer between:

Pick-up at a relay point; -Home delivery

-home delivery;

-Delivery of your rocking chair to your floor, with the possibility of taking back your old chair (premium delivery).

Standard delivery is offered throughout Europe for all orders over 100 euros.

Find a nursing rocker

The rocking chair has become the ally of many parents of young children. In fact, this type of seating has a number of advantages, particularly appreciated by breastfeeding mothers. Discover a rocking chair whose seat and backrest have been designed to promote a good back position, thus avoiding the fatigue caused by prolonged sitting. Find the right nursing rocker for you at ZOLI99.

One of ZOLI99's rocking chairs is dedicated to mothers, and is called "MAMA". The MAMA chair can be used for other purposes, but it is generally very popular with breastfeeding mothers. An affordable, quality nursing chair is what we offer.

Available in a variety of colours and materials, the MAMA nursing chair will meet all your aesthetic needs. Choose the armchair that will best fit in your interior:

-grey rocking chair ;

-MAMA armchair in velvet;

MAMA rocking chair in velvet; - MAMA nursing chair in fabric, etc.

The MAMA rocking chair can be placed in your living room, or in a bedroom, either yours or your child's. It is possible to place your nursing chair near your baby's bed to avoid moving to other rooms in the house, making it easier to fall asleep.

Using a nursing chair maximises the comfort and well-being of both mother and baby. Another advantage of the LAM chair is that it allows you to rock your baby while feeding. This has soothing qualities: it calms the baby, so that he or she falls asleep faster.

Even after the breastfeeding period, the MAMA chair will become a real ally for baby's meals. For example, it will prevent backache due to poor bottle-feeding position.

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