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Recliner, rocking chair and leather armchair: find the model of your dreams at the best price on ZOLI99.

To each his own with our beautiful selection

The armchair is a piece of furniture that can perfect a decoration: it is essential for the comfort and style of a living room. It can be integrated in a living room, in a bedroom or even in a garden or on a terrace. There is a large number of models of armchairs, in various colors and materials. ZOLI99 has selected for you the most beautiful armchairs to guarantee you a comfortable seat, a worked design and an optimal quality. Find the chair of your dreams and enjoy the best quality at an affordable price!

Find the right chair for your decor

If you want to incorporate this type of seating into your living room, bedroom or outdoors, it is advisable to consider several criteria. In fact, the armchair is a more or less imposing piece that will take up space. Buying an armchair therefore deserves a little thought. How to choose the right armchair at ZOLI99?

Is the furniture intended to be installed indoors or outdoors?

Depending on your answer, the materials you choose for your chair will not be the same. In fact, some materials are more suitable for indoor than outdoor use (like leather), and vice versa. In addition, it appears that some designs are also more appropriate for outdoor use than others. A club chair will blend perfectly into a rustic interior while a hanging chair will complement a garden setting perfectly.

Where do you plan to install the chair?

If you want to install a chair in your living room, bedroom or any other enclosed room, it is essential to assess the space available. Determine how much space you can spare for your chair so you can choose the right size furniture. A chair that is too big will saturate your living space while a chair that is too small will not fit properly in your room.

What do you want to use it for?

As time goes by, chairs evolve and have other uses besides sitting. Today, there are armchairs that are real storage units, or convertible armchairs that can be quickly transformed into a bed. It is important to consider the use you want to make of your chair to identify the one that will best meet your needs.

Do you have children or pets?

If you have children or pets, ZOLI99 advises you to choose a leather chair or a fabric chair with removable covers. These models have the advantage of being easy to clean. You increase the longevity of your seat!

Lounge chair, recliner or rocking chair: all models are at ZOLI99

A multitude of armchairs is available at ZOLI99. Our seating furniture can meet all your aesthetic desires. Choose the chair that best suits your interior design from the products offered in our online store: leather chair, fabric chair, chair with footrest, velvet chair, rocking chair, etc. Our wide selection of seats covers different designs so that you can find the model that will blend perfectly with your decor. Whether you like the loft, cocooning or classic spirit, your favorite chair is here! You can take it with a sofa or individually to complete the decoration of your living room, or to create a cozy corner in your room.

The most fashionable armchair models today

A real piece of decoration, the armchair is as practical as it is aesthetic. Contemporary armchairs, trendy armchairs, comfortable armchairs, hanging armchairs, rocking chairs for breastfeeding, rattan armchairs, Acapulco armchairs: there is something for everyone at affordable prices on ZOLI99! Project yourself in time with the armchair you choose and decorate it with cushions and plaids to give it a warm look.

The rocking chair

The rocking chair is very fashionable lately. Straight from England, it is also called rocking chair in reference to its origins. It is therefore ultra trendy, but also very pleasant! In fact, the comfortable rocking chair allows you to rock, a feature very much appreciated by parents of young children thanks to its soothing properties.

The Chesterfield Chair

There are models that never go out of style, and this is the case of the Chesterfield chair. It is a must-have, very well known and appreciated. However, the Chesterfield armchair requires a lot of space because it is an imposing piece. A real decorative object, this type of armchair dresses up any room in which it is found. The reason why the Chesterfield chair is so imposing is because it has a lot of padding, an element that makes it 

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